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German singer and songwriter LORiiA takes you on a deep dive into her world of emotional, expressionistic freedom. Combining influences from electronic music, jazz and many shades of pop music, she forges her artistic universe in her own shapes and colours. 


LORiiA touches hearts with her fragile and thoughtful pop noir, carried by her warm voice and accompanied by well intended productions contrasting electronic and acoustic elements. The songs of the Munich-based artist read like a personal diary: LORiiA talks openly about her most intimate emotions, fears and self-doubts, thus ensuring more self-confidence, empowerment and mindfulness. All resulting in a very unique pop sound with carefully placed instrumentation and powerful messages.

With the release of her debut EP "Heaven (Is Not Made For You)", LORiiA reached one of her first musical milestones in 2019 - alongside support shows for Pale Waves, Mathea, Máni Orrason and Tamino, as well as performances at PULS Open Air and Impuls Passau. She received media resonance from SZ, BR PULS and Diffus, being called „pop hope" and celebrated for her "genre-busting soundscape". 

Singles such as "Steal My Name" produced by NOVAA, her producer debut "Think Of Me Now" and now the newest addition "GYOMM", give an exciting and promising glimpse into what she holds in store for us.


Independent Artist




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