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"Being an artist means to discover yourself forever."

German singer and songwriter Loriia takes you on a deep dive into her world of emotional, expressionistic freedom. Combining influences from electronic music, jazz and many shades of pop music, she forges her artistic universe in her own shapes and colours. 


After releasing her debut EP "Heaven is not made for you" in 2019 she worked with different artists and producers on her upcoming releases. While creating new and personal soundscapes, she's always striving for new ways to express current yet contrasting subjects such as personal growth, happiness, loneliness, insecurities and relationships. 

Her latest single "Steal My Name" produced by NOVAA was released on November 17, 2022 and set the start of a series of releases in 2023. 

Her own producer debut "Think Of Me Now" will be out on 16th February.

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Independent Artist


Lotte Friederich


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